Fighter Training

At Lightning Fight Centres we offer specialised fitness and self defense training classes but we also specialise in training amateur and professional fighters in Boxing, Kickboxing and Muay Thai. We offer several stages for the beginner to progress through the levels in gaining competency at the higher levels. Fighters normally start in the general and circuit classes which will provide basic skills, conditioning and fitness suitable for competition. Lightning Fight Centres offer a graded system in all the arts to ensure standards are maintained which teaches the specific skills and techniques depending upon the discipline. Perfect for goal setting and assessing ones own abilities.


For students wishing to compete in Boxing they would first need to train in the general classes for some time to gain some competency which will provide all the basic skills along with a good general level of fitness. From here fighters would look at competing in the low level novice competitions. Once they have had some experience with the low level competitions  they would then look at competing in the amateur levels. Fighters who have performed well in the amateur ranks may then look at competing for prize money by turning professional. Throughout the whole career from novice to professional, fighters will be managed by the Lightning Fight Team. Fights are always matched according to weight, age, sex and experience with all care taken into account when matching. Matching is not about the easy win but the fair match which will ultimately help the fighter to grow in the competitive environment.

Kickboxing – Muay Thai

Students training in the Kickboxing program have a similar line in the competition ranks which includes a 7 Level graded system. They would then progress from low level novice competitions which could lead to the professional ranks. The Kickboxing system incorporates and teaches skills in Kickboxing (from USA), K1 Rules made famous in Japan and Muay Thai (Thailand). Within the Kickboxing fight programs fighters can gravitate towards Kickboxing, Muay Thai or K1 which have a lot of similarities however fighters will need to train accordingly to the appropriate contest and may even specialise in a certain field. The Boxing program will also compliment the Kickboxing training.

Fight Training will always start at the general classes and circuit training levels.

 Please click on link below which will take you to the Fight Australia Website providing further information regarding competitions